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I finally got a Speed Scrap in!

Last night, after months of being absent, I finally was able to participate in a Speed Scrap at ScrapMatters.  It was fun!  For those of you not familiar with a speed scrap, the host offers you a direction/instruction every 10 minutes for an hour.  Here were the instructions for last night...

1. First choose your PIC!. We’re going for a SPRING theme here because I’m sick of rain and I know a lot of you are sick of snow! It’s just gloomy, so find a spring pic or even a snow pic that you can make a spring LO with – because we’re all sick of winter!

2. Choose ONE background paper, plus just one other paper for picture matting purposes. Mat your pic however you like.

3. Frame your picture twice!

4. Add foliage of some kind to your LO.

5. Throw on a scattering of elements – sprinkles, flowers, beads, anything – just scatter away!

6. Use two ribbons and a piece of lace!

7. Finally, title, date, and add your shadows! Embellish some more if you like, and remember you only have until 9:15 PST (12:15 EST) to finish your LO and upload it to the SS #201 Gallery and link it back up in this forum thread.
Here's what I did with it:

Chelle's Creations new release!

Chelle’s released an awesome new kit “Penalty Box”. It is perfect for any hockey pictures you may have. It would also be great for pictures involving the Olympics and other winter sports! It comes with basic colors and a coupon for one additional color-coordinating mini kit.  Get yours today at ScrapMatters.  Isn't it FUN?!?!?!?

I'm back on the wagon!

Hmmm... sounds a little like a 12-step program or something, doesn't it?  That's not what I meant at all.  LOL.  What I meant was I'm feeling better after my last post and I'm back to scrapping and designing again with my confidence back intact.  You know, not joining ScrapMatters CT is a bump in the road that I'll hopefully overcome if I apply again.  There WERE so many people who applied that I'm sure I wasn't the only one who took it hard. 

Okay - ANYWAY, here's my latest Digi-scrap layout which is actually a Disney layout.  I started out scrapping our trip with pictures that I liked and decided I needed to be a bit more methodical so that I didn't forget any pieces of the trip to scrap.  So this LO is when we arrived at our resort the first day of our trip.  Hooray!  Enjoy.

ScrapMatters CT

Here I am...  I took a serious blow to my creative ego tonight when I learned that I did not make the Creative Team at ScrapMatters.  I keep telling myself that there were more than 130 applicants for 30 spots... and other great scrappers didn't make it either... and they said it was a really hard decision... but I suprised myself with how I am reacting.  Crushed. 

ADSR Challenge 5

Here's my challenge #5 LO for the Amazing Digital Scrapbook Race... of course featuring my FAVORITE topic, my little boy...

Here are the instructions:
Pretty Scrappy Recipe Challenge

The requirements for this challenge are fairly simple. Follow the guidelines being as creative as possible using the recipe below. You can incorporate other items into your layout, but you must use at least 6 of the items listed. Since this is the month of Valentine's Day, your special challenge is to incorporate CHOCOLATE into your layout. So, 6 items in the recipe and chocolate!

* 1 ribbon * 1 tree

* 1 button * 1 staple

* 2 papers * 1 set of stitching

* 1 frame * 1 tag

* 1 flower * 1 alpha
SO, I used six elements (see if you can identify them) and my "chocolate inspiration" was the name of the kit... Chocolate Frosted Snowflakes.  Plus, the sepia-toned photos make Thumper and Miss Bunny look like Chocolate Bunnies (it is getting close to Easter, after all!). 

The Amazing Digital Scrap Race

It's challenge #3 and I've already got this one on the books....  Here are the instructions:

1. One focal photo with selective coloring

2. 20 or more words of journaling with possible highlights

3. At least one date element!

This challenge was fun - especially since I was baffled about what to do with these photos from Epcot.  Once I started rolling, I couldn't stop working on it!  I spent 4 hours straight on it - until 2:30 in the morning!!  (Boy, Drew's going to be up early and I'll be hurting!)  Anyway, it was worth it... I really like how this layout turned out and captured the event.  Enjoy! 
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New Releases at Chelle's Creations

Chelle released a super-cute Valentine sweetie themed kit this week.  Here's a look:

See her blog by clicking here: Chelle's Creations

A Few Dreams Come True....

I know it's been awhile since I blogged, but there has been a lot going on.  First, we took our first Family Vacation!!  Thanks to my in-laws, we flew down to Orlando and went to Disney World!!!!  (It was our Christmas present from them to us - wow, right?)  All five of us got to experience Drew's first visit to WDW and see the absolute wonder and joy on his face.  It was awesome!  I'll attach one of my fave pictures....

Drew, Miss Bunny and Thumper

Okay, the other cool thing is that I'm on the Creative Team for my favorite designer, Chelle's Creations!!!  I couldn't be more thrilled!  Here's a link to her blog:  http://www.chelles-creations.blogspot.com/.  Love, love, love her stuff.  And now that I'm home with plenty of pictures to scrap, I'll be going crazy!!!  Here's my first layout: 

And finally... the other cool thing going on right now is that my friend, Maria, and I are doing the Amazing Digital Scrap Race 5.  Doesn't that sound fun??  I'm working on my first layout now - Maria's already got hers done, of course.  She's always Johnny-on-the-spot!!  And hers is awesome (well... because it talks about ME!) - really, it's because it's a beautiful layout.   I'll try and link it back up later.  :)

Got lots to do.  Be back soon. <3